More controversy surrounds Mexico’s National Team former head coach Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera. After being fired by the FMF for unacceptable conduct, Herrera is now facing some trouble with the law.

Representatives from the Federal Government gave Herrera 48 hours to show up in Court to make a statement before they had to send Federal Agents to his home. The Attorney General of Mexico stated “El Piojo” violated the FMF’s ethic code by tweeting in favor of a political party.

The AGM explained that they had every intention to call Herrera on the day of the tweets, June 7, but decided not to interrupt his commitment to the National Team and the Gold Cup.

According to, Herrera could be facing 15 years in jail and a 20,000 USD fine for encouraging his followers to vote for PVEM (Partido Verde Ecologista de México) during election time. In addition, he is being accused of receiving money in exchange of doing so.

Fernando Rodríguez Doval, PAN’s (Partido Acción Nacional) legislator, is demanding Election Officials to follow the law accordingly and not to give into preferential treatment due to the nature of Herrera’s work, “It has been so easy and cheap for the PVEM to break the law. However, it is important that FEPADE enforces the law accordingly so citizens, famous and non-famous, are fully aware that playing dirty in favor of a party, or a candidate can bring severe consequences such as, loosing your freedom, or financial instability.”

Doval also added that Herrera and other famous people received money from the political party to promote voting on their social media, “Miguel Herrera received money for promoting such political party, just like other celebrities who also tweeted in favor of the PVEM already admitted they did, right in the middle of elections.”