Miley Cyrus is in the throes of another controversy. Days after it was speculated that she and Kaitlynn Carter have broken up after a whirlwind romance, she is seen being cozy with Cody Simpson - for days. Is she really in a weird exploration phase after her Liam Hemsworth divorce? 

If she is, though, is it wrong? 

After her split with Liam Hemsworth, she was accused of the one who cheated on the relationship, given all the photos of her and Kaitlynn Carter immediately. However, that did not last either. People actually have been banking on them staying together for a while, at least not just weeks anyway. After all, Cyrus never really hid her queer identity, and the world probably thinks she cannot indeed hide what her sexual preferences are in a marriage. While these thoughts are stereotypical, very few saw them splitting up that fast.

But they did, and now Cyrus is in the arms of another. A guy this time - Cody Simpson
While naturally, the media drew up wild speculations of what was happening, Cyrus quickly went into her social media to clarify her colorful love life. And for us in Latin Times, her explanation is quite good. 

In fact, it is so good it is relatable. Not that we could land two great people to make out with after a divorce.

In her lengthy post, she said that she is aware of how invested the public is on her relationship as if they truly understand what was going on with her. She begs to differ - the public knows what they see online, nothing else.

She then said that men are hardly slut-shamed from moving after one partner to another. They can even be praised for it - called heartthrobs and ladies man. On the other hand, women have to be called sluts and whores just for exploring their options. 

Aw man, women, are so going to relate.

She then went a little more political, claiming that she is just trying to thrive and survive in a “mans’ world” where a president can “grab 'em by the pussy” and get away with it. If women cannot beat them, they might as well join them, right? 

While these rants are fairly common of woke women these days, Cyrus went personal at the end of her post. She said that she did not opt to date at home and avoid all these malicious stories because that’s no fun. 

The former Hanna Montana star then said that she literally grew up in public and had been in a committed relationship for almost all her teenage years and the early 20s. It’s high time that she rest and relax and DATE. It’s a new world for her, and she’s begging people to stop making it awkward for her.

She also clarified that she does is not wanting pity from her post; instead, she’s enjoying this phase right now and wants people just to be used to hr dating right now.

If we think about it, she got the point. Most of us have dated and encountered a lot of hits ad misses in our teenage years and 20s, but nobody judged us. Imagine us who like her, never really dated when we were young. We did go a tad crazy when suddenly, wo-hoo, we're putting ourselves out there, right? Good thing she's not even swiping left and right on Tinder. 

Give the girl a break. 

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus attend the Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images