Miley Cyrus is, reportedly, investing millions of dollars into pot businesses. A tabloid claimed, earlier this week, that the female singer has been addicted to cannabis and has been dealing with cannabis companies since her split from Liam Hemsworth back in August.

While fans have always known Miley Cyrus for being outrageous, she is, reportedly, more outrageous now than ever. After hooking up with another woman weeks after her split from her ex-husband, Cyrus is now, allegedly, into marijuana.

According to a report, Cyrus has been so addicted to the substance that she is now investing tens of millions into the cannabis industry, in the hopes of luring more young people into using cannabis. “She’s sinking tens of millions into ventures, including the sponsorship of new cafes, funding for weed farms and training specialists,” a source allegedly said.

Miley Cyrus has, reportedly, gone the extra mile in her addiction to cannabis that she already wants to dominate the world of marijuana. “People thought it was a big joke when Miley backed Lowell Farms, but she sees huge potential here to dominate the cannabis world among young people,” the suspicious insider told the tabloid.

The insider went on to claim that Cyrus is the face of various cannabis companies now, including Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café. The singer, reportedly, invested millions in Lowell Farms, one of the eight businesses that have been awarded a cannabis consumption area license by the city of West Hollywood.

With Cyrus’ name now linked to the first and biggest weed eatery in the country, the singer has reportedly been able to successfully turn Lowell Farms into a tourist attraction among young people who want to enjoy marijuana. Since the café is licensed by the local government, it allows cannabis consumers to delight in marijuana publicly. According to the tipster, more and more young people are now lining up in the cannabis café, knowing that Cyrus is the one promoting it.

While it is true that Gossip Cop has invested money into Lowell Farms, Gossip Cop noted that her investment has not reached tens of millions. The publication reached out to a source close to Miley Cyrus and the source described the tabloid report as far-fetched.

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus attends the premiere of 'Isn't It Romantic' in Los Angeles on February 11, 2019. JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images