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Bolivia experienced a dramatic day on Wednesday as a coup attempt was thwarted in La Paz, the nation's capital. Armored vehicles rammed the doors of the government palace in an unexpected assault on President Luis Arce's administration.

The tense standoff reached a climax inside the palace itself, where Bolivian President Arce confronted General Commander of the Army Juan José Zúñiga, who appeared to be orchestrating the rebellion. In a moment of high drama, captured by witnesses in the palace hallway, Arce declared, "I am your captain, and I order you to withdraw your soldiers. I will not allow this insubordination."

Television footage broadcast nationwide showed two tanks and numerous soldiers in military uniforms positioned outside the government building. The scene was chaotic, with uncertainty hanging in the air. However, as the day progressed, troops and armored vehicles were seen retreating from their positions, signaling a de-escalation of the immediate threat. Zuñiga, who had sought to "change the government's cabinet," was later detained by police.

How was Bolivia's attempted coup defeated

Supporters of President Arce swiftly mobilized, flooding into the plaza outside the Quemado, the government palace. They could be seen waving Bolivian flags and chanting in support of democracy and his government.


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In a statement following the confrontation, Arce affirmed his commitment to democracy and the rule of law. "Bolivia stands firm against attacks on our democracy. We will not be swayed by violence or intimidation," he declared.

Why was there an attempted coup in Bolivia?

While Zúñiga never said openly that he was leading a coup d'état, he told the local TV that he was seeking a "new cabinet of ministers," and added that "surely things will change, but our country cannot continue like this any longer."

When asked about what was going on, he explained that the army was trying to "restore democracy and free our political prisoners." He was dressed in full military garb and surrounded by friendly soldiers.

"Stop destroying, stop impoverishing our country, stop humiliating our army," he added. Apparently he was convinced that the Bolivian people would support his efforts. He continued to believe so after the coup failed, saying he would "resist" and calling for people to "mobilize." Zúñiga was appointed general commander of the Army in 2022, by a decree of President Arce. He was removed from his post on Tuesday.

What is happening now in La Paz?

Arce swore in new military leaders amid the attempted coup. That includes the position of the general commander of the army, previously held by Juan José Zúñiga.

New army chief José Wilson Sánchez ordered all mobilized troops to return to their barracks. "No one wants the images we're seeing in the streets," he said.

The situation remains fluid, and it is unclear what repercussions the failed coup attempt will have on Bolivia's political landscape.

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