A military fighter jet from the U.S. Navy crashed into the backyards of three Texan homes on Sunday, Sept. 19, as its pilots have been left hospitalized due to a training session gone awry, the encounter leaving the neighborhood with no power.

At 11:30 a.m. Sunday, a plane was reported to have crashed in the backyards of three homes in Lake Worth, Texas, causing damage to the backyard of the homes they landed in, as well as a total shutdown of electricity across the whole area, according to the New York Daily News.

It has not been immediately clear why the plane, which was a T45 Goshawk fighter jet trainer, would crash. The townhouses were severely damaged, however, thankfully no homeowners and residents were injured as the jet just missed the houses, according to WFAA.

“The pilots were conducting a routine training flight that originated from Corpus Christi International Airport,” Rear Admiral Robert D. Westendorff said. “The cause of the crash is unknown. The safety team is en-route for damage assessment.”

The pilots have both been sent to different health facilities after the crash, with one of them severely injured from the incident. One pilot reportedly had their parachute get stuck on a power line as they were ejected from the plane while the other landed in the backyard of another property.

“Our hearts go out to the pilots and their families,” Lake Worth Police Chief JT Manoushagian said about the incident. “This is the day that you dread [as a pilot].”

Residents of the area received reports of a blackout as the military continued to sift through the debris of the crash. Over 1,300 people have experienced power shortages, as residents near the crash were evacuated to a different place, ABC 7 reported.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Lake Worth Fire Chief Ryan Arthur said about the crash, pointing out that there could have been casualties and worse damage if the plane had landed on a home instead of the backyards.

A training jet crashed into a Texan town on Sunday morning as two pilots were brought to hospitals for injuries that are seen to be serious. This is a representational image. Terence Burke/Unsplash.

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