A 4-year-old Texas girl allegedly died of coronavirus. Though the Galveston County Health District has yet to confirm this.

Houston Chronicle said Karra Harwood's child, Kali Cook, appeared well on September 6. However, the 4-year-old child got a fever later that day and died in her sleep in the early hours of September 7. Cook had no pre-existing conditions, Harwood told Fox8Live.

The 4-year-old tested positive for coronavirus when she died, according to a medical examiner's officer. Despite the child's death being attributed to COVID, an investigation is still underway to determine the specific cause of death.

“[They told me] she did die because of Covid, but they are doing an autopsy to see if there are any underlying medical conditions that could have caused her to go so fast,” Harwood told KPRC.

Depending on the investigation findings, Cook could become the county's youngest victim of the illness, which has claimed the life of 472 other people as of Monday, September 13.

Cook was a preschooler at K.E. Little Elementary School in Bacliff, Texas. Still, school officials acknowledged she was there on September 1 and that no coronavirus exposure or positivity had been reported.

In just five days, her mother's GoFundMe campaign for funeral expenses received more than $20,000.

On the fundraising website, the family wrote the following statement: "This morning, our lovely baby girl received her wings. God decided he needed another lovely angel on his side since her heart was too pure for this terrible earth. We're all so devastated and lost, and we're just trying to figure out how we'll get by without her light."

Due to their own COVID-19 infections, Harwood and several other members of her family have been quarantined. According to Galveston News, the mother now regrets not getting immunized.

"I was one of the people that was anti, I was against it. Now, I wish I never was," she said.

Cook was not eligible for vaccination because she was under the age of 12.

The unusually young death comes amid a two-month spike in coronavirus diagnoses in Galveston County, KSAT said.

Cook's death comes on the heels of claims reported by CNN that children are less likely than adults to develop significant symptoms from Covid-19. Meanwhile, fears that the Mu Variant is vaccine-resistant are growing.

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Texas girl, 4, dies of COVID-19 after being infected by mom who was an anti-vaxxer. Karra Harwood/GoFundMe

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