AMCONYC Fashion Week
New designers showcase their creations in AMCONYC every year during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Courtesy AMCONYC

Adriana Marie - who spans from a multicultural upbringing (Venezuelan, Italian, and French) - is a millennial fashion producer who under AMCONYC is hosting a couple of fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. Adriana founded AMCONYC in early 2014 as a platform for emerging and independent designers, after being an emerging designer herself. Following the pop-up store concept, she built her empire.

She produces a cost effective solution for designers to showcase their collections to press, influencers and targeted consumers during NYFW, always aiming to bring diversity and body positive inclusivity to the forefront of this fashion season.

Rack Addik, Ivory Couture Clothing and Emuleos where the three brands showcasing their creations on the fashion show held on Friday, February 10th.

Emuleos designer
Emuleos designer walking next to model on catwalk finale. Photo: Courtesy AMCONYC

In an exclusive interview to Latin Times she expressed her desire to make a minimalistic show without a big production.

She also talked about the requirements the new designers need to follow in order to be part of the fashion event. Extending an invitation to all the aspirants to enter their applications here, Adriana Marie enlisted some basic requisites like a mood board, physical garments in perfect conditions (construction, quality and original designs) plus a good website.

“Having a good web presences is essential,” said Adriana. “When we invite the press they always want to look the website.”

The AMCONYC group has been a platform for artists all over the world including Latinos. “I worked with Henry Picado. He is from Costa Rica.” tells Founder / CEO of the event. Picado performs as Creative Director and Brand Developer of Este & Chlo.

“We have a continuing relationship with almost all the designers that we’ve worked with." said the producer. “A lot of them show with us two to three times, four times, and a lot of them also do others events because we don’t do only fashions shows, we also do pop-up shows in New York, Miami and L.A.”

Adriana Marie also makes reference to the presence of Latinos in the fashion industry flattering their creativity. “Latinx designers bring flavors and colors and something different to the fashion industry. They always break the mold, more than anybody else.”

Finally, Adriana wants to let the Latino community know that despite all the unfortunates’ things happening they should always stay positive and keep going. “It’s important for all of us stick together and educate and support each other in order be a strong community that have power."

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