Summer is just around the corner and we already started thinking about the new trends to add to our closets and show the best version of ourselves even when the heat arrives. This time around we're focusing on men, and the use of a particular article that not everyone dares to wear and make part of their lifestyle. We are talking about bandanas.

The word bandana comes from the Hindi "bandhana," and it's a napkin made of cloth in a triangular or square shape that is placed over the head or neck making it enhance any look by giving it a hipster or super stylish twist.

For a long time, this accessory was used by miners or farmers to protect themselves from dust and wipe sweat, and over time became a symbol of the working class. It can also be traced back to gangs, that have made this particular fashion into their signature style. This is the case of two famous Los Angeles gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, which are identified through the color of their handkerchief.

There are many ways to use this accessory.


The most common choice is the classic paisley print, such as the black handkerchiefs from the Coach or Wes Gordon collections. However, today the options of prints are multiple and even the materials are very diverse bringing excellent options that will always look original and perfect for any occasion, even regardless of the weather.

Most Common Trends:

Neck Gaiter

Trend Handkerchief

Neck Cooler

Trend Headband


Detail on the wristband (Bracelet)

Some of the stores that offer affordable super risky, colorful and different options are Urban Outfitters, Hoo Rag, John Varvatos and Zara