A minor teenager was arrested on Monday after he allegedly brought a gun into his school.

Despite the school requiring every student to pass through metal detectors upon entry, the 15-year-old student allegedly sneaked his gun into Curie High School on June 6, reported Fox News.

According to FOX 32 Chicago, it is unknown how the weapon got inside the school building. The teen was arrested and charged as a result of the incident, said police.

During a special meeting on Thursday night, the principal said that another student saw the gun and reported it to school leaders. Following the incident, the school's principal promised to increase security by adding more alarms, cameras, as well as increasing staff members. A letter by the principal was sent to parents regarding the situation. It said that situations like this can be "concerning." The letter stated that the school was committed to "ensuring a safe and positive environment at school, and I know that situations like this can be concerning for our community."

Police spokesperson Kellie Bartoli said that no one was injured inside the school, reported Block Club Chicago.

A Curie student said that at no point during the day, did the school go on lockdown. The mother of the student said that she wasn’t alerted that a teenager brought a gun to school. She only got to know about it after she received an email from school officials that was light on details that afternoon.

She said that she wished the school would’ve alerted parents sooner. She also wanted the school to have taken the extra action to place the school under lockdown. The mother added that because then she knows that if anything is out of the ordinary, "they’re going to go above and beyond to take care of our students." The concerned parent said that they drop the students off every morning, trusting the school officials, putting the children's safety in their hands. She added, "And I just don’t think that they did right by us or the students.”

The Chicago Teachers Union learned about the incident Monday, said its spokesperson. It has continued to raise the alarm on a lack of resources and professional support staff to reach teenagers before incidents like this happen.

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