Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner plays Christy Beam in the faith film "Miracles from Heaven." Juliana Barrera/Latin Times

Faith, tears and miracles will make you believe there’s a heaven after all; actress Jennifer Garner recently discuss with Latin Times what it was like to contribute with Eugenio Derbez in "Miracles from Heaven" and work on a miraculous project that will challenge the beliefs of many viewers."I’m helping bringing her story to life” Garner said about her role as Christy Beam,"I spent time with her and her family and the doctors and nurses, and I got to know her from different sides, they were so inspired by how amazing she is and how much she fought for the best care for her daughter; she didn’t candy code anything she would said this is going to be a hard day and we will get through it.”

The lovely star also shared how she heard about the Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez that plays the doctor in the inspirational drama. “It was so special to work with Eugenio because I knew about his movie from before that he had written, directed and starred and when I got to work with him I thought he was a comedian but that movie was serious,” Garner added,"he had to play a doctor and he was speaking in English with all these difficult medical terms that if I had to do in Spanish I would be crying everyday, but when he was funny again in our set it was joyful and we all laugh so much.”

When we asked the actress what her judgement was about the supernatural power that had cure the main and real character; she answer: "I’m definitely following that everything is a miracle camp but if I were to say miracles that I had experience, it would be my kids.” Check out Jenn's full interview above and watch the film "Miracles from Heaven" in movie theaters now.

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