Following the tragic death of Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, her family is not only grieving but are now scared for their own life. Maria, 19, was set to compete in the Miss World beauty pageant was found alongside her older sister, Sofia, 23 buried unceremoniously by a river nearly a week after they initially disappeared. The pair reportedly sustained twenty two bullet wounds, after leaving the birthday party of Sofia’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, 32, who is also rumored to be a notorious drug trafficking kingpin in the family’s hometown in Santa Barbara, located in northern Honduras. Now the beauty queen’s mother and surviving sister are attempting to flee their native country, Teresa de Jesus Munoz and Corina Alvarado have submitted applications seeking political asylum in the United States due to fears that Ruiz’s gang will seek vengeance against them. The Daily Mail has reported that the mother and daughter are “fearful” of the violent Ruiz, despite currently being in police custody, would use his drug trafficking connections to kill them. Cory, the eldest and last remaining daughter, revealed, “We need to leave the country because we are uncertain what might happen to us if we stay. We're no longer feel safe and we are now fearful for our own lives.”

In addition to the family’s request for safety in the United States, it seems that the country will also become involved in the investigation of the death of Miss Honduras and her sister. Ruiz, who has been transferred to a high security prison following his first court appearance, is now under investigation by the United States powerful DEA. If Honduras agrees to work with America and the DEA, Ruiz could possibly face extradition and face drug trafficking charges in the United States, after he serves any sentences concluded from the investigation and trial in Honduras. The DEA’s interest in this case is due to Santa Barbara’s position as one of the main hubs that serves to transport mass amounts of drugs from Guatemala and Mexico and ultimately the United States.