Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010: Mariana Paola Vicente Talks About Her Role In The Movie 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' [INTERVIEW]

Former Miss Universe Mariana Paola Vicente
Former Miss Universe Mariana Paola Vicente debuts as an actress in the movie 'Hot Tub Machine 2' Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

Mariana Paola Vicente was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1989. Mariana was exposed to the world of arts and entertainment since she was very young. When she was 4 years old she enrolled in the Yolanda Muñoz Dance Academy and continued her lessons with Vanessa Padilla. She took infant modeling classes with Nairda Hernandez, oil painting lessons with Andy Bueso, participated in international collections of children paintings, won six consecutive years of a reciting poetry competition in Cupeyville School's Week of the Arts, took singing lessons with Fonava and experimented piano and guitar lessons. As a child Mariana appeared in various TV commercials but it wasn't until she turned 14 that she got the media's attention while participating in her high school’s fashion show. In 2009 she was elected as Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010. 

A year later, she qualified Top 10 in the Miss Universe 2010 competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. As of today, Mariana has posed for local and international ad campaign photo-shoots, has done runway shows for local and international designers and has over 20 local and international magazine covers.Mariana is characterized by her enthusiasm, spontaneity and caring way with all that have worked with her. She has always left a great impression in everyone. She has landed a role in the comedy sequel 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' movie. The movie is about when Lou (Corddry) finds himself in trouble, Nick (Robinson) and Jacob (Duke) fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future. Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past... which is really the present, in the sequel from the same team that brought you the original cult hit. Latin Times interviewed Mariana about her role in this film and how she transitioned from modeling to acting. 

Latin Times: Your career kicked off first as a model. I would like to know how was your experience when you became Miss Universe in 2010?

Mariana Vicente:  I started modeling when I was 14 years old. So I have many years working in the fashion industry.After a while of gaining experience as a model I decided to participate in the pageant to be Miss Puerto Rico. After gaining that crown being able to represent my country in a Universal platform was what was next for me. However, I think that what attracted me to Miss Universe pageant and acting is that beauty was not the only thing I had to offer. Obviously the physical appearance is important but that is not everything. Being part of Miss Universe gave me the opportunity to represent my country and not just be a beauty queen but learn other areas.Acting to me is taking my career to another level being able to express myself via different characters, different cultures and eras. This is what fulfills me about this job that I have now.

LT:  Is this your first acting project? if not what was?

MV: This is my second acting gig. My first was for the American soap opera 'The Bold And The Beautiful' in which I had a small part and then got called back to work with them a second time. However this is my first feature film. I worked on this film a few years ago and now it's finally hitting the theaters. For me this is more than a honor to have this project as my first feature film. I was able to work in a big production and surrounded by a lot of talented people. All the people I have worked with have served as teachers who teach me more about the craft. This is definitely what I want to do as a career and given this opportunity to better my skills and now have the opportunity again through this movie to represent all latinos.

LT: Tell me a little bit about your character?

MV:  My character is that I work in a club from the future and Adam Scott's character is new to the group.He is a good guy who will be getting married the next day and is avoiding any drinking. All the other guys tease him in the club and I was sorta flirting with him. He gives in and asks me to give him the strongest thing I got. So I give him a drug which is sticker I put on his neck which made him have an experience out of this world.After that many other things happened as consequence of using that drug.In the end he ends up flirting with me too.I loved my part because I was also able to see how the comedians improvised in the scene and other scenes as well.

LT: I am use this project has opened the doors for many other opportunities. Any other projects on the works?

MV: This film gave me more credibility as an actress. After post production of this film I was part of other films as well. This year including Hot Tub Time Machine 2 I have a total of six movies some are going to independent film festivals and others in theaters. 

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