Authorities found a 12-year-old girl strangled in a suitcase in Paris, with several numbers tattooed on her body. Her neck was also slashed.

The French child, Lola, had her wrists and feet taped up, and it appeared that she had asphyxiated to death.

At least four people have now been taken into custody to be questioned concerning the case, but no arrests have been made public. The child's parents in the French capital alerted the police on Friday after she didn't come home from school.

Later in the footage, the woman can be seen carrying a piece of luggage. The building's basement had evidence of a kidnapping, which police later found. According to the girl's father, the building's security footage captured a woman in her 20s and the girl's father. The latter also serves as the property's caretaker.

Several streets away from the family's residence, on Rue d'Hautpoul, police were contacted at around 11:30 p.m. Friday regarding the appearance of a piece of suspicious luggage. Police claim that the suspect used a tool to write the numbers 1 and 0 on the dead child's body, according to the New York Post.

The kid was found outside an apartment building in Paris' 19th arrondissement after her mother filed a missing person report when she failed to return home from school. The police reported that they had opened a murder investigation and found proof of a kidnapping in the basement of the family home.

Investigators viewed CCTV footage of a woman leaving the building while carrying luggage. According to the officials, the girl's body was later discovered in the same luggage in Rue d'Hautpoul, a few streets away. The schoolgirl reportedly suffered many throat slashes, her mouth was taped shut, and her feet and fists were restrained. A post-mortem investigation was scheduled for Saturday, according to The Independent.

An unsettling video taken at 3:20 p.m. shows the young girl carrying her school backpack as she walks behind the small youngster in the white suit. She is also wearing a green hooded top and light-colored leggings. Then it is said that the defendant, who is accused of hiding a 12-year-old girl's body in a bag, was seen buying a croissant as if nothing had happened.

A neighbor reported that two hours after the female suspect and Lola were captured on CCTV entering the young girl's building, he had observed the lady, currently being detained by police, walking around with a piece of sizable luggage.

The small child entered her building but never returned home, according to the video footage. The family then launched a public appeal for help in discovering their missing daughter, who the parents described as a happy blonde child with shoulder-length hair, on the mother Delphine's Facebook page.

They noticed Lola was carrying a gray backpack and wearing white pants, a white hooded sweatshirt, and white shoes. Later, the 24-year-old female suspect reportedly pleaded with them for help as she diligently tried to lug a suitcase to a neighboring car.

Around 11:30 p.m., a homeless man reportedly discovered a body in a suitcase on rue d'Hautpoul, behind the building where the young girl had disappeared. The public prosecutor's office reported evidence of a struggle in the third basement of the girl's building on rue Manin, where authorities found cellar sellotape and a box cutter.

The 12-year-old parents were informed of her passing on Saturday at about two in the morning. According to the public prosecutor's office, six persons have now been held in relation to the event, including the woman who was apparently having problems carrying her suitcase and the homeless man who contacted the police. Meanwhile, The Scottish Sun mentioned that people dropped flowers and sympathy cards at her building after hearing about the tragedy.

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