Gretchen Anthony was missing since March and most thought she was quarantined for COVID-19. At least that is what appeared to be happening then thanks to text message updates coming from her estranged husband.

But as it turns out. The man, identified as David Anthony, was trying to cover up the whole thing. He was the one sending the text messages to people close to Gretchen. Unfortunately, it reached the point where he could no longer hide the truth.

David ended up leading the police to where Gretchen was buried. The reason behind the death of the 51-year-old remains unknown. For pointing the police to the remains of Gretchen, David will be charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping. After accepting the plea in front of Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen, David will be sentenced to 38 years in prison per a report from the Palm Beach Post.

Gretchen was last seen on Mar. 20 at her home over at Jupiter. Both were in the middle of a divorce they jointly filed on Feb. 28. The 51-year-old woman was reported missing by his family on Mar. 26.

It has yet to be established when Gretchen was killed. However, text messages were already sent on Mar. 23 and 24 to at least five people, WPTV reported. This was the time that Anthony had allegedly been diagnosed with an acute case of COVID-19 at the Jupiter Medical Center. She was allegedly transported to a CDC-approved task force. However, there was one message that said she needed to quarantine for 14 days.

Gretchen’s Mini Cooper was found abandoned at the medical center. But surveillance video shows that it was David who parked it there. David was arrested on Mar. 31 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Other leads that helped the police were statements from neighbors and security camera footage at the Anthony residence. Based on the videos, it appears the murder may have taken place on Mar. 21. One footage showed someone with light hair who was not moving with a water jug stained with blood nearby. Gretchen had blond hair.

A day after that, neighbors reported smelling what appeared to be a mix of water and chemicals. Bleach stains were found in the garage as well as towels with a reddish substance.

David Anthony will formally be sentenced on Jan. 14.

Suspect Handcuffed Suspect handcuffed during the murder trial. Reuters