A Navarre woman who had been missing for about a week was found dead in a shallow grave in Alabama on Saturday, April 2.

Cassie Carli, 37, was first reported missing on March 27 after failing to return home following going out to meet her ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo to exchange custody of their 4-year-old daughter, Saylor, in the parking lot of a Juana’s Pagodas restaurant at Navarre Beach in Pensacola.

Later that night, Carli’s father received a text message from her number notifying him that she had car trouble and that she was spending the night at Spanevelo’s home.
Spanevelo subsequently sent a text message telling the woman’s father that she had asked him to drop her off “in the middle of nowhere in Destin,” a city in northwest Florida, so she could stay with a friend named Stacey, New York Post reported.

When Carli did not return, her friends and family members filed a missing person report on March 28. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office later discovered her abandoned car in a restaurant parking lot with her purse still inside the vehicle.

When Carli’s sister Raeann messaged Spanevelo urging him to cooperate with authorities, he told her that law enforcement had already contacted him and forwarded her screenshots of the explanation he provided to her father.

On Wednesday, March 30, Spanevelo and Saylor were located in Birmingham. The police took custody of the underage girl and turned her over to Alabama Child Services. However, Spanevelo was only arrested in Lebanon, Tennessee, on Friday, April 1, after being charged with tampering with evidence. He also faces raps for the destruction of evidence and giving false information, USA Today reported.

According to Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson, the evidence tampering charge is related to his use of Carli’s cellphone. According to the officer, Spanevelo "took her phone and basically got rid of it.”

After days of searching, Carli’s remains were finally found in a barn in St. Clair County, Alabama on Saturday night, April 2. The barn is about 300 miles north of Navarre Beach, where she was last seen alive.

The police reportedly identified the remains based on a tattoo on the victim's body. Meanwhile, the property where Carli's body was discovered was found to be linked to Spanevelo, who had recently been living and working in the Birmingham area.

Dead body
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