Lionel Messi, Inter Miami
Lionel Messi tops the list of best-selling MLS jerseys for a second year in a row Via @InterMiamiCF on X/Twitter

SEATTLE - Each year, the Major League Soccer releases the amount of jerseys sold by teams all across the league. To nobody's surprise, Argentine superstar Lionel Messi topped that list for the second consecutive year so far this season.

Since arriving to the United States last summer, the Argentine has completely taken over the spotlight. Inter Miami games around the country have sold out for a chance to see Messi in action, with some games needing to be moved to different and bigger venues due to the big masses he attracts.

In terms of jersey sales, his pink No.10 has no real competition. According to the New York Times, Inter Miami became the best-selling Adidas jersey in North America last year ahead of all five storied European clubs signed with the German brand (Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Arsenal).

Such has been his impact that fashion magazine Vogue named Messi's Inter Miami jersey as one of the fashion items that defined 2023. In October of last year, the New York Times reported that Adidas had nearly 500,000 requests from stores and suppliers for more Messi jerseys, as inventory was sold out within days of his announcement.

And although Messi's leads the pack, he is not the only Latino with a huge fanbase across the United States. Five out of the 10 best selling jerseys belong to Latino players, including all in the top four.

Messi's teammate and longtime friend Luis Suárez comes in second. The Uruguayan joined Inter Miami ahead of the 2024 season and has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to his goals. Reigning MLS MVP Luciano Acosta is third on the list while reigning MLC Cup champion 'Cucho' Hernández rounds out the top four.

MLS jerseys
MLS' top 10 best-selling jerseys of 2024 Via @MLS on X/Twitter

Over the last 10 years, Latinos have become the main stars of MLS and the jersey sales prove it. Since 2020, a Latino has been the top seller in four of the five seasons with Gareth Bale in 2022 being the only exception. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only Miguel Almirón (2017) had been able to top the charts between 2014 and 2020.

In 2021, MLS shirt sales saw Latinos dominate the top spots with eight players out of the top 10 being of Latino origin, including everyone in the top six.

MLS jersey sales for Latinos through the years - Since 2014

  • 2024: 5 in the top 10; Messi finished 1st
  • 2023: 7 in the top 10; Messi finished 1st
  • 2022: 12 in the top 25; Bale finished 1st
  • 2021: 8 in the top 10, including 1 through 6; Josef Martínez finished 1st
  • 2020: 6 in the top 10; Carlos Vela finished 1st
  • 2019: 5 in the top 10, including 2 of the top 3; Zlatan Ibrahimovic finished 1st
  • 2018: 4 in the top 10; Ibrahimovic finished 1st
  • 2017: 2 in the top 5; Miguel Almirón finished 1st
  • 2016: 4 in the top 20; Andrea Pirlo finished 1st
  • 2015: 2 in the top 20; Clint Dempsey finished 1st
  • 2014: only 1 in the top 15; Dempsey finished 1st

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