The world finds itself now trying to figure out a new COVID-19 strain with the Delta variant forcing some parts of the world to lock or shut down. Cases are rising and now the focus is once again on the best vaccine that can protect anyone.

Studies continue as researchers try to figure out how effective COVID-19 vaccines are against the new virus threat. Pfizer and Modern are two of the well-known jabs most will recall. But as far as their previous efficiency, new research has new statistics to show.

Pfizer’s efficiency reportedly dropped to 42% in July, a big change from the 76% it had in early 2021 per a new study published in medRxiv.

As for Moderna, its efficiency also fell from 86% to 76%. The study included 50,000 patients in the Mayo Health Clinic System that run hospitals in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Despite the new claims, both vaccines remain effective at keeping people away from hospitals tied to COVID-19 according to Dr. Venky Soundararajan, the lead of the study.

He further added that a booster for those who had already gotten the Pfizer and Moderna jabs may be necessary at some point.

The alarming spike of cases has become a concern for most. In the United States alone, 100,000 cases daily have been recorded for the first time since February. Those numbers went down a bit in June to 11,000 per day but it remains that the Delta variant is still something most should be cautious about.

The Delta strain now accounts for about 93% of infections in the US according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The hardest hit are the Southern States where vaccination is reportedly lagging. Lousiana reportedly has the highest infection rate as of this writing followed by Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Tied to that, hospitals are now getting filled up again, yet another concern that health care systems may have to deal with once more.

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