Being a member of the royal family has its perks. However, sometimes, some of these queenly and princely benefits come across as just bizarre and absurd. Here are some of them.

1. Prince Charles likes his shoelaces ironed

When caring for shoes, the shoelaces are the last of many people's concern but not Prince Charles. He has personal valets whose job description includes ironing his shoelaces. The heir really does love tending to his shoes.

2. The Queen has someone breaking in her shoes

The Queen also has footwear needs, but it does not involve shoelaces at all. Instead, she wants her new pairs of shoes broken for her so that she can rock them painlessly and fashionably.

3. Prince Charles needed his toothpaste squeezed onto his toothbrush

At some point, the Prince of Wales was not to be bothered by such trivial task. So he had a valet do it for him too.

4. The Queen has a bagpipe-style alarm

The Queen had no problem with her nighttime regimen, but she has a specific request for her daytime routine. Her Majesty prefers to start her day with a large shrill sound of bagpipes. So when the clock strikes 7 in the morning, someone will play the instrument under her window for two hours.

5. Potatoes should be identical in size

The royal family doesn't want the dish to be sullied by a poorly cut potato. To make sure the meal looks as good as it tastes, all their starchy sides are painstakingly measured for matching dimensions.

6. Sharp-cornered BLTs are bad luck

If some people hate the crust in their sandwiches, the royal family isn’t fond of the corners. Apart from preparing uniform potatoes, the cooking staff also has to make sure the sandwiches are rounded. The rule is believed to have originated hundreds of years ago after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, feared that bad luck will strike if they ate food shaped like a coffin.

7. Get warm biscuits or bust

Prince Charles likes to chomp on some biscuits and cheese after meals. However, the duke likes them heated at a specific temperature first, or he won't enjoy them.

8. Would you care for a swan, Your Highness?

The Queen already has ownership of swans, but she is also allowed to eat one. In fact, she's the only royal family member allowed to do this. So far, though, she hasn't exercised this right yet.

9. The Queen used the internet before it was cool

During her visit at a telecommunications research center to celebrate the debut of ARPANET, which is now known by the whole world as the internet, she sent an email, becoming the first-ever monarch to do so.

10. No jail time for Her Majesty

Thanks to her sovereign immunity, Queen Elizabeth II can't be prosecuted or arrested for as long as she holds the position, which is basically forever.