A mother allegedly made her 17-year-old son murder his elderly grandparents reportedly for a room in their family property.

The cold-blooded double murder happened in the Lal Kalan village of Ludhiana, India on Wednesday, Oct.27.

The teen suspect, who is still at large, repeatedly beat his 72-year-old grandfather Darshan Singh and his 70-year-old grandmother, Surinder Kaur with a baseball bat before hacking them to death following a spat over his mother’s share in a 125 square-yard house owned by the family.

A preliminary investigation revealed the murder was instigated by the teen boy’s mother.

According to a Hindustan Times report, a resentful relative said the accused woman had also previously alleged that her now-deceased father-in-law had molested her and filmed obscene videos of her.

The victims’ daughter, Davinder Kaur, said her father owned a 125-square yard house with three rooms in the Lal Kalan village.

“He had given one room each to his two sons and kept one room for himself, but he was living in a rented accommodation in Doraha after locking the room.”

“My younger brother lives in Machhiwara with his family and had also locked his room, while my elder brother was living in one room with his wife, daughter, and son. My brother was asking our father for keys to his room as he was not living there, but my father was reluctant. A case is also pending between my father and brother in the court,” said Kaur.

“On Wednesday, my parents had come to the village to get their woolen clothes. The accused had an argument with them, after which my sister-in-law asked her son to kill both his grandparents,” she said.

A neighbor told the outlet that the teen boy was gripped by such a rage that “when we intervened, he threatened to kill us too,” he said.

The family was known to the police as they had been involved in their family dispute about two months ago, Inspector Kulwant Singh, the Samrala station house officer said, adding that both parties had been booked under sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

“The boy knew that his mother had accused her father-in-law of molesting her, which had enraged him,” she said.

The police have arrested the teen boy’s mother for instigating her son to commit the crime. The boy is still absconding and a manhunt has been initiated to nab him, a police official said.

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