A mother and a son have been found guilty at a court last Nov. 28 for reportedly threatening to disclose private sexual photos with the intent of causing distress.

The woman was identified as Lynda Collyer while the 23-year-old man was known as Matthew Cooper-Collyer. Both connived in making sure that the latter’s former girlfriend would be left in distress after the 41-year-old woman also sent the explicit photos to the girl’s father a day before her birthday.

It was added that Collyer also pleaded guilty to a second offense of malicious communication, Wiltshire Live reported.

On Thursday, Jan.19, the mother and son from Monkton Deverill, Wilts, were handed a six-month sentence in prison suspended for 18 months. They were also given restraining orders, one that would prevent them from contacting the victim or her parents.

According to prosecutor Helen Easterbrook, Cooper-Collyer had just broken up with the girl when the mother had suggested through a Facebook conversation that the 23-year-old should be sent the explicit photos to the girl. Cooper-Collyer would then agree to it.

However, Collyer also planned to give the girl the victim the drama that she deserved. She ended up sharing the intimate photos with the girl’s father on the day before the victim’s birthday, eventually causing distress to the girl.

Easterbrook added that the father received two photos via his mobile phone and even a video that showed her daughter doing explicit poses.

It was added in court that Collyer was suffering from bipolar disease and wanted to send the photos because she claimed the victim was going to “ruin” the defendant’s life by making false accusations against him.

"I know the extent of what revenge porn does so I would never myself put someone through that," the 23-year-old pleaded.

Regardless, the judge passed the verdict and said that the incident was without something meant to get a measure of revenge.

"In the aftermath of that break-up there was acrimony. I have no doubt when you committed these offenses you were both motivated by revenge and the wish to case distress to the victim,” Judge Gordon Bebb KC stated.

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