Worst Telenovela Mothers
With Mother's Day to be celebrated this weekend, we have the 10 telenovela moms that don't deserve flowers and to be called a mother. Graphic

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 14 this year and it is time to celebrate that woman that gave you love and is there for you unconditionally. In the telenovela world there are as many bad people as there are good. Most of the time mothers are portrayed in a good light, they are caring and would give their life for their children.

However, there are more than a couple of bad seeds that certainly don't deserve flowers on Mother's Day. Scroll through our photo gallery above to see the 10 telenovela moms who don’t deserve flowers on Mother’s Day.

10. Oriana Caligaris ("Mentir Para Vivir"): This bad mother made her daughter lie and adopt a new identity so she wouldn't go to jail and become separated from her. Sure, it was a white lie and her intentions were good, but laying all this on an 8-year-old girl is not fair and selfish. The telenovela wouldn't have a purpose if Oriana had just accepted her destiny and gone to jail, but that's another story!

9. Barbara Greco ("Mañana Es Para Siempre"): Lucero gave life to this heartless woman that was born to avenge and become the step-mother to the Elizalde family. She is a complete meanie and constantly obstructs the happiness of all those around her. To be fair, she does have redeeming qualities when she finds out her daughter was closer to her than she even knew. Yes, the girl she tortured for most of the novela.

8. Graciela Mendoza ("Lo Que La Vida Me Robó") In Univision's top rated telenovela, Graciela is the woman that is moved by money. The whole original premise of this kilometric series is based on her selling off her daughter to a wealthy man. What she does is facilitate her daughter into marrying this stranger so they can get themselves out of debt. Graciela does it again with her son and once again with her daughter after she remarries when she believes her husband died in a plane crash. This mother has no soul and puts her interest above the happiness of her children.

7. Rebeca Murillo ("El Color De La Pasión"): Rebeca is one tough cookie and nobody dares to cross her path or you will get what's coming. When she was young she slept with her sister's fiancé on the day of their wedding, then she caused the death of her oldest sister and married her husband. She made him believe she would take care of her niece (step-daughter), but she has been the total opposite of good to her, especially after she had her own daughter. History has a tendency to repeat itself and now her daughter slept with her sister's fiancé causing a break-up. Rebeca is so bad that she covered it up and didn't stop it and continues to excuse her daughter for her horrible actions.

6. La Baronesa De Buena Vista ("Lado a Lado"): This Emmy-winning telenovela takes place in 1904, the year that slavery was abolished in Brazil. During this transition period, people that were born owning slaves had a difficult time coming in to terms with the progressive mindset. The former Baroness, Constancia, is a woman who likes to follow protocol and keep up appearances to not cause any shame to her family. Her children are modern and have different views than her. Constancia's daughter Laura is a woman that gets divorced after she finds out her husband had another child in Portugal. Constancia disowns her and doesn't accept her lifestyle as a divorced woman was frowned up. Laura also causes her shame as she befriends a black woman. This same woman is the one that her son falls in love with after initially only playing with her emotions. This woman gets pregnant and is made to believe her son died after birth, but it was the Baroness that stole the child and hid him from her. Constancia has double standards as she is racist, yet loves her grandson although he is of mix race. She also doesn't accept her daughter for being divorced, yet she sleeps around with men to get what she wants. Constancia is a mother that interferes and meddles in her children's life and can really turn things upside down. No flowers for her!

5. Antonia Guerra ("La Patrona"): Antonia is a powerful woman in the small village of San Pedro del Oro. Due to her money, she can buy out the government and law enforcement to bend the rules for her. Antonia is a mother of two men and constantly interferes in their life and love lives. She finds out that one of his sons fell in love with a woman she despises and frames her for crimes she didn't commit and banishes her to a mental institution where they torture her.

4. Bernarda Guillen ("La Otra"): Bernarda became of widow, but did not inherit anything from her husband. He left everything to their two daughters and they would be able to claim it only after they got married. Bernarda keeps her daughter's at home and doesn't allow them to socialize so they won't be tempted to get married. One of her daughters dies and the money went to her youngest daughter. When she falls in love with a man from out of town, she creates a confusion and tells him that the woman he fell in love with died, when in reality it was her other daughter. Bernarda pulls out all the stops to make her daughter's life miserable. In the end, her daughter signs away her rights to her inheritance to her and is seen enjoying life by the beach with hot young men.

3. Alejandra Madrigal De Horta ("Amarte Es Mi Pecado"): Alejandra Madrigal is an older wealthy woman who lives with her daughter Casilda. One day, her niece arrives asking her if she could stay with her following the death of her father. Alejandra is fascinated by her beauty as she is ashamed of her own daughter, that is not as beautiful. Alejandra constantly belittles Casilda for her overbite and her looks making her self-esteem drop to floor. Her niece, although beautiful, doesn't have it easy as she is very strict and stern with her beliefs.

2. Paola Bracho ("La Usurpadora"): This list wouldn't be complete without Paola Bracho "queriditos." Paola is a married woman with kids that is bored of her home life, she likes to have fun and travel. During one of her escapades with her love she finds out she has a long, lost twin sister. Bracho cons her into taking her place for a year so she could travel the world with her lover. Meanwhile, her twin sister takes her place in her home she realizes Paola was a horrible mother. She did not spend quality time with her kids who were scared of her.

1. Carmina ("Avenida Brasil"): The top honor of worst mother can only go to one woman, Carmina. This woman is a con-artist who uses men to steal their money in compliance with her lover. At the beginning of the story she is married to a widower who has a young daughter that is mistreated by Carmina. When she is left orphaned she takes her to the landfill and remarries a famous soccer player that changes her life completely. Carmina later adopts a child from the landfill, who is revealed to be her legitimate son with her love, that is now married to her sister-in-law. To add more to the situation, at the time she was left a widow she was pregnant from her lover and has both children raised by the wealthy soccer player. Although she has a preference for her son, that doesn't stop her from lying to him and telling him she is his biological mother. Carmina despises her daughter and is consistently bullying her due to her weight, using fat jokes, pushing her aside and not caring for her. Carmina takes the cake as worst mother of the century and will definitely not receive any flowers from any of her children.

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