The celebration of the person who gave us life is observed on different dates across Central and Latin America. Mother's Day 2020 is commemorated on the second Sunday in May in the US and countries like Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

In Mexico, it is a bit different. Our neighbor country has a fixed date for mommies to be honored, and it happens every May 10. The first official celebration of the holiday in México was on May 10, 1922. 

The holiday has taken religious undertones with images of La Virgen de Guadalupe and Virgin Maria, mother of God, used as symbols of the commemoration. It is customary to play "Las Mañanitas" for all mothers on this special day.

In Brazil, the first Mother's Day took place on May 12, 1918, and was promoted by the Young Men's Christian Association of Porto Alegre. It was in 1932 that President Getúlio Vargas made the second Sunday of May the official date for his honor. Although it's not an official holiday, it was something that Brazilians have adopted and observed.

In Paraguay, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 15, on the same day as Día De La Patria, which is their Independence Day. The date was chosen to honor Juan María De Lara who played a large role in the country's independence in the year 1811.

Two celebrations in one day have created major debates in the country since the celebration of independence goes unnoticed as moms take precedent. Many groups have tried to move the date of Mother's Day to the second Sunday of May.


Argentina: October 18

Bolivia: May 27

Brazil: May 10

Chile: May 10

Colombia: May 10

Costa Rica: August 15

Cuba: May 10

Dominican Republic: May 31

Ecuador: May 8

Guatemala: May 10

México: May 10

Nicaragua: May 30

Panamá: December 8

Paraguay: May 15

Perú: May 10

Puerto Rico: May 10

El Salvador: May 10

Venezuela: May 10