Some Latin actors have that organic element a few performers sometimes dismissed because, ironically, they would rather look great on camera instead of giving her character simplicity and realism. Most of the time, we see that on trouper actors but the truth is that being untrained or trained has nothing to do with staying organic or natural.

We can perfectly find great examples of trained actors who work organically and we can find as well amateurs who can be totally artificial. 

We watched “Fences” and fell in love with Viola’s raw acting beyond anything else on the film. We loved her accurate tones when she cried and her loudly laughs when she interacts with her comic and mocking husband. Hollywood definitely needs a little more of that.

These following actors  have worked on multiple independent movies stepping out once in a while on some notorious productions but there's no doubt they can pull up great characters and definitely slay on every scene because we really believe the message they're trying to say. 

These are the ones you should have on the spotlight: 

1- Armando Miguel Gomez – Cuba (El Acompañante)

Armando set the screen on fire while delivering a great role as Daniel on the controversial Cuban film “El Acompañante.” This movie set in 1980’s narrates the story of how a discredited boxer gradually builds friendship with an HIV positive patient he is tasked with monitoring at a military-run sanitarium in Cuba. Armando continuously switches from a rude man to a captivating friend that can’t escape from your eye not even a second. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

Armando Miguel Gómez Cuban actor Armando Miguel Gomez stars in "El Acompañante." Screenshot/ Pavel Giroud/ Youtube

2- Judith Rodríguez – Dominican Republic (Carpinteros)

Judith reached popularity in Dominican Republic because of her powerful performances in different famous plays in the Caribbean country. Some years ago, this actress started to be part of the movie industry and her work is impressive. She plays Yanelly in “Carpinteros” a prisoner from this country most dangerous prison. Her acting needs to be seen.

Judith Rodríguez Judith Rodríguez stars on "Carpinteros." Screenshot/ Jose Maria Cabral/ Youtube

3- Alfonso Herrera – México (Sense 8)

You can watch him on “Sense 8” playing Hernando and of course he’s remembered for his multiple roles on Mexican Telenovelas like “Clase 406,” this Mexican actor it’s really précised when it comes to performing and we’re sure he’ll be the next big thing on screens.

Alfonso Herrera Alfonso Herrera plays Hernando in Netflix series "Sense 8." Screenshot/ TV/ Youtube

4- Nathalia Acevedo– México (Cuba Libre)

She’s a Mexican actress best known for her acting debut in Post Tenebras Lux which premiered in competition at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Nathalia is one of those actresses that hypnotizes you with beauty and talent both competing to succeed. Her “opus magnum” acting on Post Tenebras Lux definitely made the whole movie. You can see her on Cuba Libre to premiere this year.

Nathalia Acevedo Nathalia Acevedo stars "Post Tenebras Lux" movie. Screenshot/ Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films/ Youtube

5- Hector Medina –Cuba (Viva)

Hector is remembered for his outstanding role in “Viva,” who made him win a nomination at the Oscar’s for his amazing performance.  On the film, he played a man who incurs to be part of a drag club until his unknown father appears forcing him to quit performing at the local club he started to like. This actor plays the softness of a theatrical singer at night but a strong man who fights against his father during the day.

Hector Medina Cuban actor Hector Medina stars "Viva" as Jesus, a young man who starts working at a drag club in Havana. Screenshot/ Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing/ Youtube

6- Paulina Gaitán –México (Narcos)

She played the sad and supportive Pablo Escobar’s wife, Tata Escobar, on Netflix Series “Narcos.” Even though she has worked in some English productions, we would love to see her playing characters in Hollywood as she has a long career in the Latin industry delivering great and pretty different characters every time. Paulina’s acting in productions like  “Sin Nombre” or “Trade” is worth to be seen.

Paulina Gaitán Paulina Gaitán plays Tata Escobar on "Narcos." Screenshot/ Slavemaster Saddur/ Youtube

7- Yanet Mujica –Dominican Republic (Sand Dollars)

Taken from an entertainment club where she was a dancer, “Sand Dollars” Dominican movie director Laura Amelia Guzmán thought Mujica would do great on her movie about a young girl who meets a elder foreign woman and takes advantage of her while in the meantime they fall in love. Yanet performance along Charles Chaplin’s daughter Geraldine Chaplin was exceptional. The result of a non-experienced actress with a leading role as the wise Noelia makes us believe everything that’s happening on the movie as if it was true. Yanet is now on "Miu Miu Women's Tales" in Europe.

Yanet Mujica Yanet Mujica plays Noelia on Festival's highly nominated film "Sand Dollars." Screenshot/ TIFF/ Youtube