One of the telenovelas that Univision announced at their annual Upfront event was "Mujeres De Negro." The production is an adaptation of a series from Finland called "Mustat Lesket." This week, part of the cast and crew got together to celebrate the beginning of filming with Father José De Jesús Aguilar presiding over a mass. Confirmed cast members include Arturo Peniche, Alexis Ayala, Ximena Herrera, Mark Tacher, Arleth Pacheco, Marcelo Córdoba, Isabella Camil, José Ángel Esparza, Lourdes Reyes, Sandra Kai, Jonathan Kuri, Emmanuel Palomares and many more.

Noticeably absent was the leading ladies. Producer Carlos Moreno is keeping that a secret until June 22 when it will be officially announced. However, it is rumored that the trio of women are: Mayrín Villanueva, Alejandra Barros and Leticia Calderón. These three actresses will portray the leading female characters who will drive the storyline. Moreno has been behind hit telenovelas like "Amor Bravió," "A Que No Me Dejas" and "Cuando Me Enamoro, Se Detiene El Tiempo."

"Mujeres De Negro" features strong female characters who develop a radical plan to take control of their lives. Vera, Johanna and Kirsi have had enough of being taken advantage of and have joined together to kill their husbands and seek out new adventures. Finally free, the ladies did not expect that these new adventures would include close calls with both the criminal justice system and the criminal world. This dramatic tale will use dark humor to answer the age-old question: Is it possible to start again? And if so, at what cost?

"Mujeres De Negro" does not have an official start date on Univision, but will premiere later this year.