Three men planned to carry out a plot to kill a rape victim in Montegut but everything did not go according to plan. Worse, the sister of one of the three suspects ended up getting killed along with another female who was trying to fight off the shooter.

The three men were identified as Breaux Cormier (35), Andrew Eskine (25) of Carencro, Louisiana and Dalvin Wilson (22) of Rayne, Louisiana. Cormier was identified as the one who hired Eskine and Wilson to kill a rape victim who was set to testify against him.

All three reportedly traveled to Montegut, Louisiana to survey the area. Per CNN, they had already attempted to carry out the murder but were unsuccessful.

The incident happened on Jan. 13 with Wilson asking for the rape victim’s name at a home in Montegut. He was met by Brittany Cormier, the sister of Breaux, who claimed the identity of the person that Wilson was looking for. According to the sheriff, Brittany was accepting her fate to save the life of the actual victim.

Brittany ended up getting shot for doing so along with her neighbor Hope Nettleton. Nettleton was apparently at the wrong place and the wrong time and tried to fight off the shooter. Both died at the scene and neither was the target that was to be killed according to Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet.

"We don't get these types of things happen, double homicides, in Terrabonne Parish," the sheriff said. "Especially, Montegut, [it's] is a small town."

Breaux Cormier, Wilson and Eskine are now facing two counts of first-degree murder. Eskine was not at the scene of the crime but is facing charges for facilitating the vehicle and his part in carrying out the plan.

As of this writing, a criminal complaint has yet to be logged. But according to Terrebonne Parish District Attorney Joseph Waitz, the death penalty is "absolutely on the table."

A bond for the three suspects has been set at $2 million each. However, Waitz adds that he is considering filing a motion to increase the bond amounts to make sure that all three remain behind bars.

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