A 45-year-old man, who has been accused of murdering a 23-year-old Florida woman, allegedly claimed that he had been in an intimate relationship with the victim, who was the daughter of his girlfriend.

Eric Westergard is charged with murder in connection with the death of Perrin Damron, who was reported missing on Saturday night when she didn't show up to pick up her son. According to phone records, her last location was at his home in Jupiter, Florida.

He told the victim's mother that on Friday night they smoked marijuana and then stepped out to eat. After that, he said that he took her home. He said that he didn't remember what time he dropped her off at her place as he was high, reported CBS12 News.

On Sunday, Martin County Sheriff's Office detectives went to speak with Westergard, who at the time was leaving his house in his SUV. The detectives followed him to a gas station where they saw him leaving with water. They followed Westergard to the area of Duffy's Bar & Grille in Jupiter, then he parked his car in a wooded area. He was seen getting in and out of his vehicle a few times, then he started cleaning the cargo area with paper towels.

When the detectives contacted him, they noticed something that appeared to be blood in the car. He said that he had "an incident," but didn't share more details.

Then to get assistance, the detectives contacted the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. When detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff contacted Westergard, who was the boyfriend of Damron's mother, he told them that was having an intimate relationship with his girlfriend's daughter for several weeks, according to WPTV.

When his house was searched, a blood-like substance was discovered in a dump trailer. Westergard finally became emotional. In the police affidavit, he said that he and the victim were together on the night she disappeared. He claimed that Damron fell by his pool, hit her head and that when he found her she had lost consciousness. Before dumping her body over a bridge near Indiantown, he wrapped it up and attached it to a cinder block. He was charged with murder soon after the body was discovered in a canal.

Dead body
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