Sadness poured over the rural area of Sevenoaks, Kent when it was reported that two famous residents have taken their own lives by hanging. Twin brothers, Billy and Joe Smith, who were known for their appearance on the reality TV show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” have been found dead in the woods shortly before midday on Dec. 28. 

The 32-year-old twins were said to have hanged themselves on a tree and initial investigations ruled out foul play. The authorities have been calling the case as joint suicide although the investigation is still ongoing. 

What Made The Smith Twins Famous

As mentioned, before the twin brothers have starred in the reality show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” from 2011 to 2015. They also had their standalone episodes in season 3 and it was said to have been filmed in Tenerife, the biggest in Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa.

Billy and Joe Smith starred in the show when they were just 24 years old and working as gardeners. The program shows how the Irish travelers adapt to the traditions of families in other regions. Needless to say, the series has many followers that are enough to make the twins well-known. 

How Did They Die?

Billy and Joe Smith’s bodies were found hanging on a tree thus the police do not see anything suspicious about their deaths. The Daily Mail reported that the brothers left a suicide note thus the investigation is leaning more on that side. 

How and Who Found Them?

In the note, it was revealed that the twin brothers left a message about where to find them. The twins’ cousin, Phoebe Charleen Smith, told The Telegraph that the two instructed the family to look for them in the woods and it was their uncle who found them first. 

“We found a note saying they wanted it like this, and we would find them in the woods where they played together as children years ago,” Phoebe said. “My uncle ran up there and found them.”

Why Did They Commit Suicide?

Phoebe further shared that prior to their suicide, the family was actually worried about the twins. This is because when Joe disclosed he has cancer, Billy was said to have been deeply affected. The latter allegedly told his twin brother that he will never be able to live without him. Moreover, the diagnosis was said to have made the brothers severely depressed and this could have driven them to end their lives together. 

“Joey told the family he got the all-clear after chemo two months ago, but we don't know if that's true now,” she relayed. “They went missing, and Joey's phone was turned off, so we knew something went wrong.”

Do Billy and Joe Have Families?

It was not known if the twins were married but they each have one kid. Bill is a father to a young son while Joe has a daughter. Bill’s partner has been identified as Kristina Davey while there was no mention about Joe’s wife or partner. 

“Hardest day of my life. RIP my perfect Bill, you were so pure so lovely,” Davey wrote on Facebook for the passing of her partner. “You made me the happiest girl – did everything for me, showed me love I never had. You always see stuff like this but you just never think it’ll happen to you. I can’t believe I have to type this together struggling to speak never mind put a sentence together.”