A mysterious light was seen in the skies of West Bengal in India for almost three minutes, triggering speculations of unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings.

On Thursday evening, the glowing light was visible in different parts of West Bengal including Kirnahar, Bishnupur, Ghatal and Murshidabad. The light that seemed to be coming from an unknown source was also seen moving across the sky, claimed social media users. One Twitter user wondered if it was a meteor. The person wrote that the evening sky suddenly brightened up with a "moving torch like source of light on southern sky approximately 45 degree from horizon on Dec. 15, 2022." It stayed for a few minutes near Kolkata before the torch turned off. The Twitter user also wrote it was probably from a "long range missile testing launched from Orissa coast".

It was later found that the light was the illumination of the sky. It was from night trials of the intercontinental ballistic missile Agni-V in the Bay of Bengal. On Thursday, India had conducted the night trials of the Agni-V nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

People of Hyderabad also spotted a white flying object in the sky, making people wonder if we had visitors from another planet. People speculated as to whether it was a star, a planet or a UFO. Later, experts clarified that it was just a helium balloon that had been launched for advanced atmospheric research.

According to The Sun, a fireball was earlier spotted in the sky above India. It left witnesses speculating that the object was a UFO or an out of control rocket that was hurtling to earth. The mysterious object was seen moving in the night skies of the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. It prompted several reactions online, with one asking if it was a low "earth-orbiting satellite, aliens, the drone or the out-of-control gigantic Chinese rocket?" Another said that it "appeared to be more of a UFO." A third social media user said that they were spooked on seeing it, and that it "appeared to be full of flames." Another shared that it did not look like an "unmanned aerial vehicle or even a drone."

This is a representational image. Pixabay/ Pawel86

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