For professional photographer Chris Burkard, traveling the world can be very rewarding because of it's an opportunity for him to interact with different cultures. The California-based photographer's work consists of travel, lifestyle, landscape, outdoor and surf subjects. In a recent article published by National Geographic, Burkard shares his favorite places in the world to photograph. Only two Latin American countries made the list: Nicaragua and Cuba. 

"One of my favorite aspects of surfing travel has always been interacting with various cultures. Great breaks can be found all over the globe, and when you begin to search out new waves you inevitably find yourself in some unique situations," Burkard expressed of his number two on the list, Nicaragua. Cuba is number eight in his list and according to Burkard, he was super stoked to visit the island in 2013. "Getting to explore the country was incredible, but of course I gravitated toward the water. I don’t think I’ve ever been around a group of people having more fun in the ocean. It was endless smiles all day long," he said of the Caribbean island. 

Other places on Nat Geo's list include Norway, Iceland and Arizona. To see Chris Bukard's complete list and amazing photographs, click here