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Mexico Breaks Its Own Record For World's Largest Sandwich Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images

There are a lot of things to celebrate in August, and among those is National Sandwich Month. August is the best month to indulge in the magic of sandwiches. Well, prepare cheese, vegetables, egg, meat and a variety of condiments for your most desired filling.

Sandwich is a delicacy anyone can enjoy at any time. There are several reasons to love sandwiches, whether it is for breakfast or evening snacks. Read the basic facts about our most beloved treat.

History of National Sandwich Month

In 1952, Wheat Flour Institute established August as National Sandwich Month. During that year, newspaper publications, as well as magazines, featured different kinds of sandwich recipes. This celebration's main aim is to show this certain food's convenience and nutrition. The sandwich was popularized in England in 1762.

According to an old tale, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich named John Montagu suffered from a gambling problem. He would spend days playing and refusing to leave the card table. Montagu once asked the house cook to make something he could eat while still playing. The cook then put some meat between two pieces of bread, which resulted in the birth of "the sandwich" – two or more slices of bread with a filling in between.

The basic sandwich continues to dominate the world with different ingredients and fillings. Sandwich is considered one of the most uncomplicated foods to make. Each country fuels it up to a more diverse look and taste.

Sandwiches from around the world

Mexico: Pambazo

Pambazo is a well-known sandwich in Mexico. It is basically stuffed with potatoes, and chorizo, soaked in a bit spicy guajillo sauce. Among its other ingredients include lettuce, cheese and cream. It is among the most-adored snacks and appetizers in the streets. It is originally from Veracruz and Puebla, it was inspired by the shape of a Mexican volcano.

There are other types of sandwiches with the same name in other parts of Mexico – one is filled with refried beans, ham, chorizo and pickled chipotle peppers.

Italy: Tramezzino

Tramezzino was originally from Turin. However, Venice led its popularity. It is known as the best lunchtime bar snack. It is a triangular white bread with fillings like olives, tuna, soft-boiled eggs, vegetables and prosciutto. Bars all over Venice serve platters of tramezzino during lunchtime. It is best paired with a glass of local wine. There are broad interpretations of the word tramezzino, but it can be understood as "between the two" or a "little something in the middle" or as a "snack in between."

Middle East: Shawarma

Shawarma receives love from all over the world. It originally came from the Middle East. Shawarma's name comes from the Arabic word "turning." The sandwich's meaty filling cooks on a vertical spit. Its base is usually chicken, lamb or meat, all tucked into a sleeve of pita bread, topped with tomatoes, onions, parsley, tahini sauce and hot sauce.

Vietnam: Bánh mì

The classic version of Bánh mì consists of pork, starring chả lụa – a Vietnamese-style pork roll. It also includes shredded pickled carrots, pickled daikon, cilantro leaves, mayonnaise and other ingredients. Some put tofu and thinly sliced lemongrass chicken, as well. It indeed tastes fresh and savory. People on a diet mostly eat this kind of sandwich as it contains low calories.

Bánh mì was first popularized 130 years ago, when France colonized Vietnam from the 1880s to 1954. Aside from the French introducing Catholicism, language and architecture, they also influenced the Vietnamese in terms of foods. Bánh mì is also being sold from food carts on every street corner in Ho Chi Minh City and across Vietnam. Currently, Bánh mì dominates the world with its flexible recipes.

Pulled pork sandwich
Close-up of pulled pork sandwich at the Jax at the Tracks diner in Truckee, California, June 16, 2022. Photo by Gado/Getty Images

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