Today is National Voter Registration Day, and now we are less than 50 days until Election Day. With so many things happening in The United States at the same time, Chispa — the largest dating app for US Latino millennials — decided to investigate what Latinx voters think of the upcoming election.

The app surveyed as part of their partnership with Voto Latino and asked their users to gauge sentiment. Chispa is also providing all its users resources to easily register to vote and join conversations about top issues on the ballot.

From September to Election Day, Chispa’s in-app activation is allowing users to share a “Unidos 2020” badge on their profile and let potential matches know which issue matters most to them this election. This poll is also engaging users in political discourse.

The poll asked Latinos and Latinas which issue mattered to them most. Voters responded with the following:

Voto Latino Chispa — the largest dating app for US Latino millennials — conducted a survey as part of their partnership with Voto Latino amongst their users to gauge sentiment prior to the upcoming election. Chispa

29.7%: Racial Equality: A majority of users expressed they care most about racial equality in this election cycle, showing how the Black Lives Matter movement has also mobilized the Latino community.

28.8%: Immigration: Chispa users under 30 are more concerned about immigration. 

13.4%: Police Reform

13.4%: Employment: Users over 30 are more concerned about employment and earning liveable wages.

9.6%: Healthcare

5.1%: Gender Equality: Males who say they care about equality (Racial or Gender) are liked 10% more by females 35 or older.