Andre Drummond has been used to moving from one team to another and such is the scenario likely to happen after the 2021-22 NBA season.

Drummond was part of the James Harden for Ben Simmons trade and has been proving to be a good addition. However, his entry also dislodged a young star in the person of Nic Claxton.

Regardless, the two-time All-Star knows that this may only be temporary. Depending on how far the Brooklyn Nets go, he is resigned to the fact that Claxton is the way to go if the Nets are hoping to build on their future with young guys in the mix.

“And if we’re all being honest, I’m only here til the rest of the season,” Drummond said. “So who knows what’s gonna happen in the offseason? So they need a guy like (Nic).”

Aside from that, the money that the Nets can offer may not be favorable for the 6-foot-10 cager. The most Brooklyn can offer Drummond on a new contract is 120 percent of his current $2.4 million salary or just the full taxpayer mid-level exception of around $6 million.

Hence, Drummond bats that Brooklyn needs to make sure that Claxton remains on the team since he is unlikely to return to the team after the current NBA season.

“I think that we need him,” Drummond said of Claxton. “We need him. I think he’s very, very beneficial for this team. He’s young still, a guy that can come in and help, can start, come off the bench. He can do a little bit of everything. With a guy like that that’s so versatile, why would you trade somebody like that?”

It remains to be seen if any team would be able to offer Drummond a better deal. It appeared he got that from the Philadelphia 76ers. This was until the Harden-Simmons deal changed his trajectory.

Andre Drummond #4 of the Brooklyn Nets
Andre Drummond #4 of the Brooklyn Nets Getty Images | Steven Ryan

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