The blame game continues for the Los Angeles Lakers who appear headed towards a disastrous end.

Despite his efforts, LeBron James has not gotten enough support from an aging and injury-riddled lineup. Anthony Davis has been held out due to injuries and there are players on the roster who are in and out of sickbay.

Beyond that, there is the case of new blood not delivering. Russell Westbrook, despite being a former NBA MVP has failed to blend in and deliver. Hence, the Lakers' top brass are now receiving heavy criticism, some believing the purple and gold would have been better off taking a different player.

Among the names mentioned include Buddy Hield and DeMar DeRozan. Of the two, the latter has been having a splendid season after signing with the Chicago Bulls.

Most know how DeRozan was on the verge of signing the five-time all-star in the offseason. But all that changed when Lakers’ management opted to take in Westbrook.

Initially, it seemed a great deal considering Westbrook’s credentials. But the chemistry factor, something repeatedly singled out by American scribe Roland Lazenby when he appeared on the Sports Bytes PH podcast was glaring.

So why not DeRozan? It appears it was the length of the contract that both sides failed to settle.

The Lakers were reportedly not that willing to give DeRozan a three-year deal. But in any sign-and-trade deal, three years is the minimum and four years is the maximum. Only the first year is guaranteed.

Also, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports confirmed that LeBron James wanted DeRozan first. However, the three-year deal allegedly forced the Lakers to turn to Westbrook instead.

In all, it shows the flaws that Lakers management has had this season. It remains to be seen if upper management will be shaken up together with the roster in the offseason. The decision-making has been questioned and is something Los Angeles needs to address if they want to win more NBA titles.

General manager Rob Pelinka, Russell Westbrook #0 and head coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers
General manager Rob Pelinka, Russell Westbrook #0 and head coach Frank Vogel of the Los Angeles Lakers Getty Images | Katelyn Mulcahy

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