The Miami Heat are after two big names but need to figure out who to work on first. The two names are Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.

Given that Mitchell is a young and rising star, the Heat cannot pass on the chance to take in Durant.

Durant has two NBA titles to show but his age is something to consider. He has been dealing with injuries the past years, yet another worry for the Heat or other teams who are bent on winning an NBA title.

Mitchell may be young but is promising. But if the Heat wants to win a title quick, questions are on the air on how the 25-year-old can blend in with resident Heat star Jimmy Butler.

Hence, Miami will have to choose who to go after first. It appears that they will be taking their chances on Durant according to multiple sources cited by Jake Fischer of the Bleacher Report.

“Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told B/R that Miami has prioritized pursuing Durant over Mitchell,” the scribe claims.

It should be noted that the asking price for Mitchell is lower compared to that of Durant. But if the report is true, it seems Miami is more interested in winning an NBA title immediately.

Also, the fact that Butler will be turning 33 years old already is another point to consider.

Hence, it all boils down to who the Heat will have to give up to get Durant onboard. Bam Adebayo has been mentioned although it makes more sense to see Durant team up with the young All-Star big man.

Pursuing Mitchell would require the Heat to give up Tyler Herro and some future picks. However, Miami can only trade two future first-rounders and it remains to be seen if the Utah Jazz would be content with that.

Kevin Durant #7 and Kyrie Irving #11 of the Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant #7 and Kyrie Irving #11 of the Brooklyn Nets Getty Images | Al Bello

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