Adria Arjona
Actress Adria Arjona has been cast in her first lead TV role for NBC's upcoming "Wizard of Oz" spinoff, "Emerald City." Getty Images

It’s been a busy year for Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona’s daughter, Adria. After recurring appearances on CBS’s “Person of Interest” and a role in HBO’s season two of “True Detective,” the actress has landed her lead role on NBC’s “Wizard of Oz” inspired series, “Emerald City.” David Schulner who will write and executive produce along with Shaun Cassidy, is now bringing the project, which was originally developed between 2013 and 14 to life. The show’s style will reportedly be a modern day version of Oz meets “Game of Thrones.”

Just like the original 1939 Judy Garland movie, “Emerald City” takes Dorothy and her pooch to a far away world after a tornado hits. In this case, the mystical land will have warriors fighting for their kingdoms, resurrecting witches black magic and bloody battles. There’s suspicion that the 20-year-old lead (Adria Arjona's character) will arrive to the fable Land of Oz as the chosen one, since the story will be based on Baum’s original 14 books with the same name as the show.

In addition, the actress is currently working on a movie titled “The Belco Experiment” which “revolves around the American Belco company in South America which is mysteriously sealed off at the beginning of a work day, and its employees are ordered to kill each other or be killed themselves,” as explained by director James Gunn. The cast includes Tony Goldwyn, Melonie Díaz, John C. McGinley and John Gallagher Jr., amongst others.

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