Gabi Butler isn’t necessarily being pegged as the next big thing, but given how she’s making waves on social media— and to an extent through her appearance on the Netflix show, “Cheer”—the popularity that she actually enjoys isn’t unwarranted. And, just in case you’ve been among millions of others who’ve been obsessing over this gorgeous cheerleader, here are some fun facts about her personal life that you wouldn’t want to not know…

The 21-year-old cheerleader is on her way out from the show. Credible sources speculate that Butler is quitting Navarro in pursuit of bigger and better opportunities. Butler posted a rather heartwarming messaging about walking down the memory lane. She’s most likely to set up her own clinics at gyms across the country. And, yes, she will get on with her influencer status, which is not a bad thing really.

While it’s certain that Butler is a girl with a plan, we’re quite not sure about her relationship status TBH. She seems to be having a lot of fun and is grateful for this particular American football player—Jordan Brooks Wess. But, are they in for the long haul? Or are they just exploring and having a great time since they’re both really young and have great careers ahead of them? Either way, they seem to be in a really happy space and we hope their fairytale lasts.

Gabi Butler and Jordan Brooks-Wedd Gabi and Jordan are currently said to be dating each other. Instagram

Ever wondered what’s the real fuss around Butler? Well, you’re not alone. She is yet to be on every billboard and clinch glitzy brand endorsements from International giants but is incredibly talented in what she does—cheerleading. Butler has been cheerleading since the age of 8, and was a “cheer-lebrity” long before “Cheer” happened.

Despite her positive demeanor and effervescence, the truth is Butler has had a rather challenging childhood. As a little girl, Butler and her brother were left to fend for themselves in a trailer given to them by their father, who remarried after he split with their mother. Butler’s mother mysteriously disappeared and Butler and her brother grew up feeling they weren’t important enough before the grandparents took their custody.

Butler shares an amazing rapport with the cast and crew of “Cheer” and the same has been evidenced on social media. After a rather teary-eyed note about moving on from the series that gave her so much than just visibility in the past two years, Butler also took to Instagram and gave personal shout outs to several Navarro cheerleaders that featured on the show, including Morgan Simianer