Now that we are in the heart of the winter there is not much left to do, it’s freezing, it’s windy and the only safe haven is a warm bed. The joy of Christmas has passed, New Year’s seems like last year, and Netflix is your only friend. Don't be ashamed, we understand, and so does the video streaming service because Netflix has released the list of new movies and TV shows coming to the website in February, and it’s as if Valentine’s Day came early! While most users are surely but slowly counting down the days until the Season 3 premiere of “House of Cards,” which will come later in the month on the 27th, there is a ton of new stuff to binge watch till then.

While “House of Cards” is obviously the big fish, Netflix is really stepping up its movie release game in February and users should make the most of it. “Young Ones,” starring Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, and Elle Fanning is an absolute must watch, directed by Jake Paltrow the film is set in the future and while a bit touch and go in terms of narrative, it is worth it for the visuals. Similar to “Young Ones” breathtaking stills and inventive scenes is “White Bird in a Blizzard,” starring Eva Green and Shailene Woodley. The tale is a coming of age story with a shocking twist, co-starring Christopher Meloni this film is emotional and oddly stirring, in a way you did not initially see coming. Last but certainly not least on my must watch list for the month of February is “The Overnighters.” The documentary film directed Jesse Moss is one of a kind, and tells the story of a pastor who sparks controversy in North Dakota by reaching out to the homeless. If these three don’t immediately make you wish it were February 1st, then maybe the rest of the Netflix streaming list will! Check out the full list of movies and TV shows coming to Netflix in February 2015.

February 1:

“We’re No Angels” (1955)

“Houseboat” (1958)

“M.A.S.H.” Seasons 1-5 (TV) (1972-1977)

“Hot Pursuit” (1987)

“King Arthur” (2004)

“Dark Ride” (2006)

“The Brother’s Bloom” (2008)

“Departures” Seasons 1-2 (TV) (2008-2009)

“Into the Blue 2: The Reef” (2009)

“Spartacus” Complete Series (TV) (2010-2013)

“Magic City” Seasons 1-2 (TV) (2012-2013)

“Gimme Shelter” (2013)

“Joe” (2013)

“Now: In the Wings on a World Stage” (2014)

“We Could Be King” (2014)

“Zapped” (2014)

February 5:

“The Little Rascals Save the Day” (2014)

February 6:

“Danger 5” Complete Series (TV) (2011-2012)

February 7:

“Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” (2014)

“Elsa and Fred” (2014)

February 8:

“Blood Ties” (2013)

“Catch Hell” (2014)

February 10:

“Dwight Howard: In the Moment” (2014)

February 11:

“Mr. Peabody and Sherman” (2014)

February 12:

“Scary Movie 5” (2013)

“The Two Faces of January” (2014)

“Young Ones” (2014)

February 16:

“Save the Date” (2012)

February 17:

“The Overnighters” (2014)

February 18:

“In Secret” (2013)

“Earth to Echo” (2014)

“The Fluffy Movie” (2014)

February 19:

“White Bird in a Blizzard” (2014)

February 20:

“Richie Rich” Season 1 (TV) (2015)

February 21:

“Robocop” (2014)

February 24:

“Hawaii Five-O” Seasons 1-4 (TV) (2010-2014)

“1’000 Times Goodnight” (2013)

February 26:

“Russell Brand: Messiah Complex” (2013)

“Open Windows” (2014)

February 27:

“House of Cards” Season 3 (2015)