TV and Movie Entertainment platform Netflix, just released new Latin content and it's already on the trend list this week. “Cuatro Estaciones En La Havana,” “El Vato,” and “La Querida Del Centauro” are three of the newest options and they’re really worth watching.

Famous Mexican singer El Dasa and actress Ludwika Paleta, star two of the most popular series on the list. From suspense to adventure, the category is full of good material you shouldn't miss. 

“Cuatro Estaciones En La Havana”

As Havana slowly revolves through the year, wistful detective Mario Conde probes the sultry heart of the city to investigate dark and deadly crimes.

Starring: Jorge Perugorría, Carlos Enrique Almirante and Mario Guerra.

“El Vato”

Mexican sensation El Dasa's path to fame is told from a very raw perspective giving this series a very veridic vision.

Regional Mexican singer El Vato and his friends struggle to succeed in the enticing but deceptive music world in Los Angeles, California.

Starring: El Dasa, Cristina Rodlo and Ricardo Polanco.

“La Querida Del Centauro”

Starring Ludwika Paleta, Humberto Zurita and Michel Brown, this suspenseful story goes around inmate Yolanda agreeing to lure her drug boss admirer out of hiding in exchange for house arrest so she can protect her daughter from her evil mother.

These titles share the "New Trending Releases" category along other popular options like "The Jungle Book," "Versailles," and "Chewing Gum."