The sequel to "La Querida Del Centauro" had us on edge this year as El Centauro (Humberto Zurita) returned to get even with Yolanda (Ludwika Paleta), now the ultimate showdown is set to take place during the final episode. Telemundo is set to air the last chapter of the series tonight (July 24) at 9pm/8c and we will see how this saga ends. Last time we saw Yolanda, she had escaped from Ana's (Sandra Echeverría) brother, who was using her as an offering to El Centauro to get in his good graces. Gerardo (Michel Brown) is desperately looking for her as she has serious brain damage and her whereabouts are not known.

Ana wants to start her own cartel, but El Centauro is not going to just let her take his territory. His son Emilio (Michel Chauvet) has aligned himself with Ana to betray him and start a business, but if we know El Centauro, he is already doubting everyone around him. Another question we have is what will happen with Yolanda's daughter Cristina (Arantza Ruiz)? She is pregnant and from a man that is involved in illicit activities while being in the police force. Will he go to jail or will he pay with his life?

"La Querida del Centauro 2" Synopsis: After running for two years, tired of being constantly harassed by police and of the bloody war against the Cartel of Cirujano (Enoc Leaño), Centauro (Humberto Zurita) fakes his and Emilio’s (Michel Chauvet) deaths. This way, he will be able to rebuild his empire without the police after him, and, what is more important, to carry out his revenge.

Upon learning about the death of the drug lord, Yolanda (Ludwika Paleta), Gerardo (Michel Brown), Cristina (Arantza Ruiz) and Gato (Iñaky Godoy) return from Canada, where they have been living under the witness protection program. These two years have not been easy for them, despite the great love they feel for each other. Yolanda can’t forget her ordeal with Centauro. She takes tranquilizers to combat her paranoia attacks, the nightmares and the extreme anxiety that don’t seem to go away.

From the moment Yolanda lands in Mexican territory, Centauro, with the help of his son, Emilio, begins to execute his plan for revenge, making everyone believe she has lost her mind.

Meanwhile, Gerardo, who has had to run away after being accused of a crime he did not commit, begins to suspect that someone is behind the harassment of his family. While investigating, he meets beautiful and clever Ana (Sandra Echeverría), the last surviving member of the Atencio family, Cirujano’s daughter, and together they discover that Centauro is alive. Ana’s goal is to recover the business that once belonged to her father and to achieve it, there is only on path: joining Centauro’s ranks. They unite forces to take revenge on him.

Yolanda and Gerardo, running from the police and the increasingly powerful Centauro, will fight together to show the world that Centauro is alive and to end with his Cartel once and for all.