The management team of the Netherlands soccer team Facebook page issued a statement where they warn they will not tolerate any insult or disrespect against their national team either during the match or on social networks. The Dutch are well aware that their opponent in the second round, Mexico, have been at the center of controversy over their stadium behavior. As such, the team has prepared the following letter which states that, even with the most ardent partitotism, there is no excuse for abuse. 

As you well know, all you users that make use of this page, the function of it is to keep up to date all Spanish-speaking fans (mainly Latin American) of the  KNVB national soccer team and its subsidiaries. More than once we have asked users to use appropriate and respectful language.  This page has never attacked anyone for their race, religion, creed or nationality. All are welcome. We understand that during the World Cup emotions are close to the surface, especially when our beloved Dutch team faces some Latin American teams.

We understand that love for your country and patriotism may come first. But what we will NOT tolerate is vulgar, rude and offensive comments posted against our selection of Holland, the country and its citizens. There are ways to express support or not, as the game develops. We thank you for remaining in line with mutual respect. There will be no second chances. At the first sign of disrespect, the user to will be blocked and permanently banned.


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Holland and Mexico will play the second round of Brazil 2014 on Sunday June 29 at 11 am (Central time) at Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza.