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The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nevada on Friday was alerted about another stabbing, in what seems like intimate partner violence.

After Pyramid Lake Tribal police arrived at the scene of the crime i.e. a house in Nixon in the wee hours of the morning on December 15, after they were summoned about a stabbing that took place in one of the residences on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribes’ Reservation.

Michael Joshua Burciaga, 33, has been charged with second-degree murder within Indian Country after he allegedly stabbed the victim -- a woman, who was pregnant with his child – with “multiple knives.” The victim was found lying face down in the master bedroom. Burciaga, who’s currently lodged in custody, reportedly slashed his wrist after stabbing the woman.

The laceration didn’t go unnoticed by authorities who then summoned medics to treat his wounds as they spoke to him. Burciaga confessed to the crime without batting an eyelid. The criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Nevada quoted his statement as: “I already know what happened, and I know what I did, which is why I slit my wrist.”

On his way to a medical center for treatment, Burciaga seemed to be concerned about the victim’s condition and revealed that she was carrying his child.

Burciaga's public defender, Kate Berry, refused to disclose further details or comment on the case when contacted by a media outlet tracking the story on Friday. Burciaga is likely to face a life sentence If convicted of the crimes he’s been accused of. He’s currently been held without a bond and will be produced before the court for a trial on February 22.

“I want somebody to take something away from this and even if it's just one woman out there that this will help, then I'm good with that,” said the victim's mother at a candlelight vigil that was held on Friday night in Nixon to honor the victim.

The victim is survived by her three children. A GoFundMe page has been created up to garner financial support for the family to cover the expenses of her tragic death.

Michael Burciaga allegedly slit himself after the act.
Michael Burciaga allegedly slit himself after the act. Washou County Sheriff's Office

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