New iPhone Release Date And Specs: Will We See iPhone 5S or 6 in August 2013? [ANALYSIS & SPECS]

Will we hear of a new iPhone 5S or 6 release date soon? Rumors indicate an August 2013 release date, with leaked iPhone 5S and 6 rumors ranging from smaller, cheaper models, to larger, cheaper models and models that come in different colors. Reuters

Will we see a new iPhone Release Date in 2013? History points to a "yes," given that Apple has release a new iPhone model every year since the iPhone's inception in 2007 with the release of the original iPhone. We have already seen 6 models of iPhones release, dating yearly between summer and fall. Now, Vibe has reported that we could see a new iPhone model as early as August 2013.

 Zap2It notes that "the [rumor] comes from Chinese tech news website EMSOne, which spoke to analysts at Barclays Capital." We are all dying to know when to expect an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 announcement, as well as a new iPhone release date to look forward to. Here's what TechCrunch says on the matter:

The latest rumors out of the DigiTimes (a hit-or-miss Chinese blog focused on Apple supply-chain news) claims that Apple is not working on a larger, cheaper version of the iPhone for this year, but rather that it will debut two new 4-inch models of the smartphone.

One is expected to be the iPhone 5S, an upgraded version of the iPhone 5, and the other is expected to be a lower-cost version of the iPhone, perhaps with a plastic cover as opposed to anodized aluminum.

A bigger, cheaper iPhone sounds appealing, but could it be true? Colors also seem like a viable announcement, given the color options of other Apple products such as their iPod Touch and iPod Mini. Meanwhile, Gadget Gestures suggests that a new iPhone release date announcement rumor would indicate not a bigger, plastic, cheaper iPhone, but rather, a smaller, cheaper iPhone; an iPhone mini, if you will:

This weekend Barclays Capital analysts have said that Apple has given a contract to Chinese manufacturer Pegatron to build a new iPhone Mini. The report also suggests that long time Apple collaborator Foxconn has also been instructed to work on the iPhone 5S. Both of these devices will be released either August or September of this year.

Those who love the aluminum shell that the iPhone is usually found in will be disappointed to learn that the low cost iPhone Mini will be formed in a polycarbonate plastic shell, which is to be expected really. It will have a 4.4-inch screen, and will cost around $330.

iPhone Mini rumours have been around for some time and we think that there is certainly no smoke without fire. It makes sense for Apple to branch into other mobile areas, and we would not be surprised to see the long rumoured phablet iPhone at some point either.

A larger, cheaper iPhone, or a smaller, cheaper iPhone: either way, we would be thrilled to hear a new iPhone release date announcement for either speculated model. Siliconera reports that the price for an upcoming iPhone release date has been leaked:

The arrival of iPhone's cheaper version is not confirmed, but the price of this Smartphone seems to be revealed in a blog.

A Japanese Blog called Macotakara has revealed that Apple's iPhone would probably be priced at $330. This would be much lower than the $650 unsubsidized price of the current iPhone 5.

The blog has further revealed that the new Smartphone will have a polycarbonate body which would be quite similar to the company's entry level MacBook, which has been discontinued. Besides this, the iPhone is reported to have a 4.5 inch display, and the material would make the device much thicker and studier than iPhone 5.

According to the blog, the follow up of the current flagship device - the iPhone 5S is also reported to be featured with dual-LED Flash wherein one would be placed on top of the other.

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