New Mexico Pooping Jogger: Watch Woman Poop On Man's House Repeatedly [VIDEO]

A female jogger has been identified for reportedly pooping multiple times on a man's home in New Mexico. Creative Commons

A man has been the victim of incessant poop piles! A man from New Mexico is seeking to discover the identity of a jogger who he claims has pooped next to his home on at least four separate occasions since April. The man described the disturbing incidents as a, "malicious fecal distribution."

According to the man who has fallen victim to the pooping, the first in the series of defecations near his home took place on Easter Sunday. After discovering it the first time, the man assumed it was a homeless person relieving himself. Then he saw video from a nearby surveillance camera. In the surveillance video, you can clearly see a female jogger turn from the road, enter an alley next to the man's home, run to a wall, pull down her shorts and relieve herself.

"She drops her pants and let's go and pulls her shorts up without wiping or anything," the man said. "She's come back multiple times."

We are less concerned with her level of hygiene and more curious about why exactly she is pooping on a man's home? The man was apprehensive about going to the police about the disgusting occurrences; he was worried that they wouldn't believe his report of this outrageous crime.

Instead of going to the police, the man, who remains unidentified, turned to New Mexico ABC-affiliate KOAT for help. He is hoping that the news station can identify the jogging-pooper and if not he is determined to deal with this issue head on.

"If it happens again, I'm going to run out there with a hose and hose her down and say, 'Bad human!'" he said.

Albuquerque police did comment and state that if the woman is caught, she could be charged with a misdemeanor for public nuisance or disorderly conduct.

Watch the gross video of the female jogger pooping on a man's house below:

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