The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is reportedly in the works. While the company has not made any official statements about the upcoming smartphone, here’s what most recent reports are saying.

It May Come With A New S Pen

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite will support the newer 5.1 standard based on its certification document, according to GSM Arena. This means that the gadget will detect the position of the accompanying pen better compared to the Bluetooth 5.0.

This could also mean that the upgraded software will get a corresponding upgrade in hardware. Thus, fans can reasonably expect an improved version of the S Pen as well.

An improved S Pen could mean enhanced functionality. It could allow users to take photos remotely or even control slide presentations using the pen. With its more precise detection and positioning, it might even support air gestures features.

Square Camera Assembly

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite leaked image. WinFuture

One other feature that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite might differ from the standard non-lite version is the shape of its camera assembly. Leaked photos show that the upcoming phone will have a square-ish camera bump at the back, according to The Verge.

The regular Note 10 has a triple-camera system at the back. However, it is arranged in a row. While the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite will still have a triple back camera assembly, it will be arranged in a square. This type of arrangement is similar to those found in iPhone 11 and Pixel 4.

Same Front Camera

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite’s front camera will likely be the same as those found in Note 10. Based on the leaked photos, the Lite version will still sport the hole-punch display of the Note 10’s front-facing selfie camera.

Available Colors

Samsung will offer the Galaxy Note 10 Lite in two colors, according to Tech Radar. The gadget will be available in either red or black.

Europe Launch Confirmed

The report also added that the Europe launch of the upcoming smartphone has already been reported by various outlets. However, it is still unclear which parts of Europe it will be available or if it will also be launched in the US, the UK or Australian markets.

Note10 Lite Release Date and Specs

No word has been released on what its specs might be. However, the Lite branding of the phone might suggest that it will be less powerful than the Note 10. Similarly, there is no word on when the Galaxy Note 10 Lite release date might be. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest tech and gadget updates.