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DC Comics has birthed a new Superman in the guise of Jonathan Kent, son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. In an announcement Monday, DC Comics revealed that while the former “man of steel” has taken the hearts of many female fans for many decades, his offspring may yet have his new claim to fame in the hearts of men as Jonathan Kent has been set to get involved in a romantic relationship with another male character

In an earlier issue, the younger Kent had struck up a friendship with a bespectacled and pink haired reporter, Jay Nakamura. The next comic book issue due to be released in November, has the story line leaning towards a developing romantic relationship between Kent and Nakamura.

Although details of the plot are yet to be revealed, the upcoming fifth issue lays down the real deal as Kent and Nakamura are shown sharing a kiss after Superman succumbs to a burn out from trying to save everyone.

The timely announcement was made to coincide with the National Coming Out Day, which is an LGBTQ awareness day that began in the US.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Superman’s predecessor coming out of the closet is a notable moment in an age when films and comics have embraced diversity and delved into social issues.

A list of LGBTQ characters

This is evident after Batman’s infamous Boy Wonder sidekick Robin recently admitted having romantic feelings for a male friend, Tim Drake. In a book published in 1956, Batman and Robin was described by psychiatrist Frederic Wertham as a “wish dream of two homosexuals living together.”

Meanwhile, the character of Batwoman who was introduced as Caped Crusader’s love interest in 1956 has since fallen into obscurity. She was rebooted in 2006 with a new backstory where she leaves the military because she refuses to cover up the truth about her being a lesbian. In another universe, DC comics has also given birth to a gay Black Aquaman.

Marvel comics has similarly featured an issue where Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk’s alter ego - was nearly raped by gay men while at the YMCA. From then, Marvel also tried to evolve with another superhero, Northstar, who came out as gay.

The issue was praised in an editorial in The New York Times back in 1992. “Mainstream culture will one day make its peace with gay Americans,” the editorial said. “When that time comes, Northstar’s revelation will be seen for what it is: a welcome indicator of social change.”

The first three issues of "Superman: Son of Kal-El" are out in the market for readers eager to dive into this new twist. Issue #4 hits stands on Tuesday, Oct. 19, while issue #5 will be on the shelves by Nov. 9.

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