Check out the top 3 money saving tips for your New Year’s Eve cocktail party! Shutterstock/Subbotina Anna

The holidays are the most amazing time of year, and although we are just days away from Christmas there is a still a lot of last minute planning to be done. Following the Christmas rush is New Year’s Eve, and even though the tree normally stays out for the party, New Year’s Eve is a little more glam and a little less family orientated. So whether you’re still entering your family, or sent them home to host your friends, co-workers and party people, there is one necessary thing to remember, you can still have a festive and fun New Year’s Eve cocktail party without breaking the bank.

Like we said earlier, Christmas and New Year’s Eve seem to happen back to back and if you haven’t been budgeting properly, it can be the most wonderful time of year, as well as the most expensive. Jeanette Pavini, two-time Emmy Award winning journalist and’s Savings Expert, is providing us with some tricks to the savings trade, in order to set you off on the right foot in the New Year. Nobody wants to wake up in 2016 already in debt, so be sure to check out Pavini’s top 3 money saving tips for your New Year’s Eve cocktail party!

1. Don’t wait till the last minute to do your shopping for the party. If you see a great price on an item, you can probably buy ahead, even if it’s perishable. Meat can be frozen and many vegetables will be just as delicious if you blanche and freeze them till you’re ready to cook. Plus, by getting as much of your shopping done in advance as possible, you avoid those crazy crowds in the final shopping days.

2. Champagne will see some great deals through New Year’s, but don’t limit yourself strictly to champagne. Only sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region of France can truly earn the “champagne” label, making it rare. So consider less expensive sparkling wine alternatives like Italy’s Prosecco or Spain’s Cava.

3. New Year’s Eve is all about getting glam and there are great deals on everything like makeup for the perfect smoky eye as well as fun cocktail dresses. From J. Crew to Sephora, has all the brands you need to look fabulous as you watch the ball drop.

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