New Year's
New Year's Eve traditions to bring good fortune to your you and your loved ones. Reuters

New Year's Eve is a time of celebration with family and friends. It is the time of year where people come together and celebrate what they ancipate to be a great year ahead.

Many people follow different traditions and beliefs that are said to bring them good fortune for the forthcoming year. Some of these traditions are even said to bring the user exactly what they want going into the next year. Here are some of the most popular New Year's Eve traditions and things you can do to bring good luck in 2018, we sure need it after this year!

1. Eat 12 grapes at 12 midnight one for each month of the year with a special wish for good luck.

2. All of your windows and doors should be left open. This will let the old year's experiences, negative things and you will have a fresh start going into the New Year.

3. Having money in your pocket when you ring in the new year symbolizes starting the year by keeping the money flowing.

4. Walk out of your house with luggage open. This will bring luck so that you travel a lot throughout the new year.

5. Wear red underwear for love, or green under wear for money, yellow for prosperity in the new year.

6. Take a broom and sweep out your door at midnight. This will take all the negativity out of your life for the new year.

7. Kiss at midnight. This is a symbol that your affection and closeness will last all year, bringing luck to the relationship.

8. Eating black eyed peas and lentils bring good luck and prosperity because they resemble coins when cooked.

9. Sleep with a horseshoe under your pillow on New Year's Eve for good luck all year long.

10. Eating Pork is a symbol of good luck because pigs root forward, which is obviously the direction you want to go in the New Year.

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