Superstition or not seven is mostly associated with good luck. Maybe it’s because numerous references to the number 7 are found throughout history.  It’s the world's favorite number. There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow,  seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents.

That’s why we selected 7 foods, that because of what they represent, will bring you good luck in the New Year 2018:

  • Ring-Shaped Foods

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast? You got it! Or what about a doughnut -don't you always? It don’t matter which one you eat, ring- shaped foods represent the year coming full circle.

  • Pork

Lots of people consider pork to be the luckiest of all foods to eat on New Year's Day because pigs are rotund, which represents prosperity and progress. For this reason we save our money in piggy banks. You can choose to eat your lucky pig as a ham, sausage, roasted, bacon or pancetta.

  • Pomegranate

We don’t know why Greeks love smashing things! But in Greece, when the New Year turns, a pomegranate is smashed on the floor in front of the door to break it open and reveal seeds symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. The more seeds, the more luck - on our way to the market!

  • Roasted Whole Fish

Fish are lucky because their scales resemble coins, they travel in schools, which represent prosperity, and they swim forward, symbolizing progress.

  • Soba Noodles

In Japan, long noodles symbolize long life. If you eat them without chewing or breaking them you will be very lucky – you need to practice your slurping technique otherwise you’ll find yourself   coughing or choking when eating ; and no one wants to feel the sensation of food stuck in your throat or chest.

  • Greens

Show me the money! Greens resemble paper money, and we want a lot for next year. Everything from cabbage to kale applies here.

  • Lentils

Keep showing me the cash because lentils resemble- drum roll- Money! Yes, these coin-shaped legumes have been eaten for luck since the Roman times and are very popular in Brazil and Italy.