New Year's Resolutions: How To Stick To Your Plans, Make The Most Out Of Them

The New Year brings new goals and resolutions. Here's a quick guide on how to achieve them! Getty

A year has probably never gone by so fast like this one. And as we get closer to 2018, we look back to what seems like yesterday and remember all the things we promised we would do but never accomplished. That diet to lose the extra 20 pounds, a new class, college degree, or anything academic related we promised we would tackle, the new job we swore we would get, to stop cursing so much, maybe get a pet, spend some time doing charity, etc.

The time we thought we had is far behind us, but there are good news! There’s another year that we can begin with a clean slate, a new set of goals and a better attitude, and that year begins tomorrow. But, how can you make sure you accomplish all your New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got a few steps to help you through the year.

First of all, think of all the things you want to achieve this new year. Then write them down. Writing down the resolutions creates a greater connection between your thinking self and your doing self and makes the resolution appear more real than if you simply think it in your head. After you write them down, start narrowing them to the most important and achievable goals and limit them to 10. Choosing only ten will force you to limit yourself to things that are at the top of your priority list.

After you know what you’re doing, take the first one and tackle only that one. Once you’re done, or way on your way you’re allowed to take on the next one and so on. Take a moment of your day everyday to reflect on your progress. Note positive and negative steps taken towards your goals. Note positive and negative emotions that you felt each day. That way you’re being honest and true to yourself. However, when thinking about doing your resolution, use positive language rather than negative demands. Highlighting the benefit to you is far more motivating than focusing on the negatives and self-deprecation for not doing it as expected.

Track your progress by breaking your resolution into stages. Look back after a couple of months and see what you're doing right. Celebrate your small successes, but when you do, make sure the way you do it doesn't go against your resolution. Then try to fix the things that you feel you’re doing wrong. Making minor adjustments could be the key to success. It is ok to mess up once in a while, after all, we’re only human. The important thing is to not get discouraged, pick up the pieces and start putting them back together.

Making your resolutions public might help, especially in this social media era. Take advantage of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else you might use, and announce your goals. That way, you’re being held accountable by those closest to you. This way you will try to work as hard as you can to avoid public embarrassment if you don’t accomplish the resolution.

Nevertheless, if you’re a private person, you might want to ask a friend or a family member to keep track of you and check up with you once in a while. You’ll still have the pressure of doing things right. Hopefully you will accomplish all your 2018 resolutions, and may this year be a blessed one for you and your loved ones! Happy 2018!

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Maria G. Valdez

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