In an effort to complement The New York Times’ weekly printed edition in Spanish, the publication has launched a Spanish-language version of their site. The new platform will provide English content translated to Spanish as well as original Spanish content. The site ( launched on Monday, and at its presentation, Lydia Polgreen Times Deputy International Editor explained it is to be run out of Mexico City, by a team which will curate and translate 10 to 15 Times news and opinion articles each day while also featuring some original Spanish-language reporting.

The publications efforts to grow their international audience have been in the works for a long time. CEO Mark Thompson and executive editor Dean Baquet said last year that the paper would prioritize efforts “to tailor our journalism and products to make them more relevant for specific new audiences, rather than viewing the rest of the world as just one big audience.”

In addition to the new website, there will be a newsletter sent out twice a week called “Boletín.”